My Cadenza

My Cadenza, My Life

I get to improvise my life now. Here are the pieces that mean the most to me.

The Calgary Civic Symphony

Where does a violinist get to play Beethoven's 9th Symphony or Brahm, Mahler and all the other great composers? With all my friends from the community who love to play orchestra music like me! Check out

Rotary International

Now it's time to give back and get the biggest return on my investment in life. Everything I've ever done in work situations is now being put to great use as I life a life in service. Check out

Sustainable Cambodia

International travel has taken me to some very interesting places. I fell in love with the people in Cambodia and volunteer for Sustainable Cambodia as an advisor and facilitator for their staff. Check out

I'm currently launching a massive education project in rural Cambodia and look forward to sharing the results of this amazing project.

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